Combined Safety Services

CSS “Freeway” Horizontal Safety Lines are designed to be used as an integral part of a certified roof safety system, where there are narrow walkways and / or roof tops. Combined with the use of our intermediate bracket, a karabiner is all that is required to stay permanently attached to the line at all times. Although it maximises the concept of 'Restraint Technique', each component utilised is specifically engineered to ensure the line system meets a "fall arrest" load rating.

Further to our “Freeway” Horizontal Safety Line Systems, we also offer an Overhead Line System whilst working on top of mobile or fixed structures, usually where there is a width of 4m or less. This allows complete horizontal access along the line whilst tethered to a “drop line” or retractable lanyard. This particular system has been utilised on State Transit sites and multiple other organisations in NSW that require ongoing maintenance to vehicles such as buses, motor homes and caravans.