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Combined Safety Services, a leading Registered Training Organisation in Newcastle, is proud to introduce the Control Workplace Emergencies course, developed in collaboration with local industries. This comprehensive course, comprising Nationally Accredited Units of Competency, is designed to prioritize the skills of your workplace emergency control team.
The Control Workplace Emergencies course aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to make critical decisions during facility emergencies and to instruct others on responding to workplace incidents. Participants have the flexibility to enroll in specific units of competency, with the Chief Warden unit requiring completion of the 'Operate as part of an emergency control organization' Warden unit as a prerequisite.
This program is tailored to develop participants' abilities to fulfill various roles in an emergency control organization, from preparing emergency procedures to coordinating evacuations and providing assistance as per facility protocols. Emphasizing fire safety awareness and basic fire training, the course aims to mitigate fire risks across industries.
Participants in the Chief Warden course will gain expertise in leading emergency response procedures, commanding and coordinating responses, and acting as primary liaisons with emergency services. The skills acquired through this program are applicable across diverse industries, making it a valuable asset for professionals seeking to enhance their emergency management capabilities.
Course Outlines
Warden First Attack Firefighting Chief Warden

- Undertake pre-emergency planning

- Act appropriately during an emergency

- Assist with post-emergency activities

- Basic WHS and emergency procedures

- Select the correct portable firefighting equipment

- Demonstrate the use of portable fire extinguishers, hose reels, and fire blanket

- Prepare for an emergency

- Take appropriate actions during an emergency

- Conclude emergency activities

At our training sessions, we ensure fair and inclusive assessments for all participants. We offer alternative assessment approaches for individuals with literacy/numeracy difficulties or physical conditions. Our aim is for everyone to meet the assessment criteria to a satisfactory level through a combination of written and practical assessments.
Upon successful completion of the training, each participant will be awarded a Statement of Attainment, listing the completed units of competency. This recognition highlights the skills and knowledge gained during the training.
Frequency of Training:
We conduct public training sessions monthly at 37 Crescent Road, Waratah. Additionally, we offer private sessions for groups of 6 or more, providing flexibility to suit your needs.
How to Enroll:
Enrolling in our courses is simple. Visit our website to access the training calendar and download enrollment forms. Once you've completed the forms, returning them to us will initiate the enrollment process. We'll then send individual participants a link via email to complete their enrollment online. If you prefer, you can also reach out to our training staff directly at 02-4960 9655 for assistance.
Onsite Training

We can conduct this training at your facility under the following requirements:

Minimum of six (6) participants A maximum [10] participants
Suitable Room for Theory Component Suitable Isolated Area for Fire Extinguisher Training
Note: Travel expenses will be incurred for training held outside of the Newcastle area


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